Atonal Compositions

Posted December 18th, 2018 in blog, copy, marketing, social media by Gary

With the rise of social media and the growing need for companies to have a coherent online personality, the importance of tone and voice cannot be overstated. The problem, such as it is, lies in the fact that establishing consistency is equally important no matter the size of the company.

In smaller companies, the problem is a lack of resources. The person  generally responsible for posting on the web, maintaining the blog, updating Facebook and keeping the Twitter account  going, is often the same person that oversees the creation of collateral materials like the PowerPoint presentations, the one-sheets and whatever else the company deems necessary for success.

In larger companies, the challenge is staying on top of all the activity that is relevant to the various outlets now available. This creates issues of internal communication, oversight and the control of copy.

In one case, there is too much to do. In the  other, too much to stay on top of.

How can one achieve success facing these difficulties?

For the smaller company, it is about establishing priorities and making sure that they are respected. This assumes, of course, that the company has executed it’s value proposition and values coherently so that those priorities make sense to everyone. The fact that one needs to have a solid foundation to establish a coherent strategy is a recurring theme on this blog and something that generally gets short shrift as fires keep popping up.

For the larger company, the challenge is to get the entire team to understand the importance of these new media. In many cases, the benefits are not tangible right away so different departments are apt to push the importance of these internal communications down the ladder. This is where leadership needs to step in and explain how important it is to maintain these avenues of communications consistently and over time so that the bond with the client or customer can be deepened as the opportunities present themselves.

This represents one of the biggest challenges marketers face right now as our profession adapts to the evolving technologies that keep bringing us all closer together. And communications occur at a faster and faster pace and can last forever.

Addressing these new challenges has ledme to the conclusion that these modern communications tools rely on talents that are harded and harder to quantify. Defining a good writer has never been easy.

And finding one is often hard to do in the first place.