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How vs. What

Posted March 21st, 2017 in blog by Gary

Discussions on what needs to be accomplished to achieve certain goals are always interesting, especially when you happen to be participating on both sides of the aisle. As the marketing director of the company where I work, it is easy to enumerate the number of executables that we need to finish, assign them to specific people and set a reasonable deadline. The irony, is that I am generally the person executing those deliverables. This intriguing situation can create a certain irony, where the “marketing” is the work and the collateral – for whatever media we have chosen – is supposed to be the “fun.”

Or at least that is how it seems to go in meetings. Creative is generally considered easy, which is how it is supposed to look once it is finished. Take it from me: it isn’t.

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Work Life Imbalance

Posted March 7th, 2017 in blog, thoughts by Gary

One forgets how work can become all consuming. The number of moving parts when you work with a smaller company can make it feel like you are juggling seven pins while riding a unicycle through a sandstorm.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Extremely collaborative and by nature a creative, I find this kind of environment enthralling: too much to do, not enough resources, continuous deadlines. For the marketing department, the tasks can feel particularly daunting, especially when products are still being beta tested and the messaging strategy is little more than an idea. If you enjoy what you do and thrive in an environment where it’s about getting things done, this kind of situation can wreak havoc in your work life balance.

I’ve been working with a company for a little more than a year, and haven’t done much else.

Walking the tightrope between work and life is something that affects us all to different degrees and often for different reasons. Some are pursuing fame and fortune, others want more responsibility. I relish solving complex problems and watching things come to fruition, so the situation I am in represents a particularly good work environment for me.

Does it represent a good life environment? I am not so sure.

So what is one to do?

The subconscious works 24/7 and there will be may nights when I wake up around two or three with the solution to one of the day’s conundrums. It is simply how I am wired. The important thing is to keep things in perspective.¬†Whether it is meditation, the gym, a good book, or simply cooking a great dinner, doing the things that have nothing to do with work and that we enjoy actually make us better and more producutive in the long run.

Even if work is something that we really enjoy.

A blog can help too, I hope.