• My Portfolio: Identity & Brand Architecture

    My Portfolio: Identity & Brand Architecture

    Creating the visual identity of new companies or participating in the re-design for companies whose...
  • My Portfolio: Browlab

    My Portfolio: Browlab

    In a little under three weeks, we went from concept to launch of browlab, the new standard in eyebrows....
  • My Portfolio: Banner Ads for Retargeting

    My Portfolio: Banner Ads for Retargeting

    Creating a dynamic look and theme for a broad retargeting campaign, I enjoyed the luxury of handling...
  • My Portfolio: Cyber Monday 2013

    My Portfolio: Cyber Monday 2013

    At completely bare, we developed an entire campaign around Cyber Monday, driving leads and increasing...
  • My Portfolio: Walkabout Excursions

    My Portfolio: Walkabout Excursions

    I developed copy, strategy and positioning for this high-end, boutique travel agency. With a focus on...
  • My Portfolio: Austin Mini

    My Portfolio: Austin Mini

    Sometimes, it’s about cats and dogs. Share/Save
  • My Portfolio: United Way

    My Portfolio: United Way

    While working at United Way, I had the opportunity to control copy, design and overall branding strategy...
  • My Portfolio: Sirius Satellite Radio

    My Portfolio: Sirius Satellite Radio

    I will never understand why, with a name like SIRIUS, there was no effort made by the company to...


I created this site to share thoughts about marketing, copy and strategy (The Marketing Corner), present some of my work (My Portfolio) and offer some information about myself (My Bio). I hope that you enjoy the site and that my observations at TMC inspire your comments and participation.

Movie Quotes

Hotel du Nord (1938)
Arletty & Louis Jouvet

M. Edmond: J’ai besoin de changer d’atmosphère, et mon atmosphère, c’est toi.

Mme Raymonde: C’est la première fois qu’on me traite d’atmosphère! Si je suis une atmosphère, t’es un drôle de bled!

About Me

My core strengths are copy, strategy, problem solving and simplicity. A creative with a penchant for language, my interest in marketing stems from a fascination with the measurable interaction between messages, media and human nature. I play football, speak French and love Balzac. My portfolio is also here, as is my bio. Also, I love great dialog (see to the left :-).